Bells Dogworld is an Australian, family-owned company based in
Sydney, Australia

14 years ago, we adopted two adorable, cavoodle puppies. We named
them Cappi(left)and Cinno (right). They were brothers from the same
litter but had very different personalities. Cappi was gentle and
the mastermind behind any hilarious mischief they become involved
in. Cinno had loads of charm and a ravenous appetite.

Cappi and Cinno quickly captured our hearts. They became a cherished
part of our family.  They brought oodles of love, happiness and
laughter into our lives. They gifted us with many of the happiest
days of our lives. We loved them so much and we wished that they
would live forever.

Unfortunately, Cappi’s death was very sudden. He left us all in
shock, disbelief and deep grief. Cinno was clearly mourning the loss
of his brother too. Fortunately, we had time to cherish Cinno a
little longer. After Cappi was gone we took extra special care of
Cinno hoping to delay the inevitable. We were convinced that if we
showered Cinno with extra love and attention that he would stick
around for longer. Sadly, we had to say goodbye to Cinno a year

Those that have never had the delight of caring for a dog, do not
understand that our dog is not just a dog but it is family. We had
11 and 12 wonderful years with Cappi and Cinno but it’s true what
they say; they don’t live long enough.

When Cappi left us, I began to search for something which would be a
fitting tribute to him and would express our love joy and gratitude
for him. From there we have grown a collection of contemporary and
beautiful pieces that do just that.

We hope that you will find that special something which will leave
you with a smile and laughter as you remember the happy times you
have shared.