Pet Dog Memorial Garden Plant Pot Round in Terracotta


A new and improved cylindrical plant pot makes a beautiful tribute to honor your beloved companion. The pot is locally produced here in Australia, and crafted with care from terracotta. It has been made to our very own specifications, meaning that you'll receive a top-quality product that you won't find anywhere else. The contemporary style means that, once planted with your favorite shrub or flowers, the pot will look equally fantastic inside your home or in any type of garden.

The cylindrical pot is 24.5cm in diameter and 21cm deep, meaning it can hold an optional full-size (1400cc) receptacle for ashes. Just place the HDPE urn in the pot and cover it with soil before planting. This allows you to keep your pet close by. Unlike the scattering of ashes or burial no one gets left behind if you move, this "living memorial" can travel with you.

We engrave directly into the side of the pot, giving you a personalized, unique memorial like no other. Plant a lasting memory with this quality memorial that celebrates the life of your pet.

It comes with a HDPE plastic vessel for the internment of ashes. Just place the HDPE Urn in the pot and cover it with soil when planting.

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