Urban Oasis Dog Water Bottle with Genuine Crystal


This unique crystal-infused water bottle is perfect for any  adventure with your pup. It is stylish just as much it is functional, convenient and easy to use. It provides clean and healthy water for your dog anywhere and anytime. 
The positive energy of the handpicked Chevron Amethyst or Black Obsidian Crystal works to protect and heal your pup's physical and emotional well being.
Why settle for an ordinary water bottle when you can have the Urban Oasis Water Bottle?
Special Features:
  • Created with style, comfort and the health of your pup in mind
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • The crystals have been inspected and approved  by a qualified gemmologist 
  • The genuine crystal provides a natural solution and positive effects to the physical           and emotional wellbeing of your pup.             
  • Provides a clean , personal and healthy water source anytime, anywhere
  • Ensures hydration for your healthy pup as well as stressed and sick pups
  • Created with high quality and eco-friendly materials
  • Created with high calibre craftmanship
  • Produced with ethical and sustainable methods
  • Made to last
  • Imported from the U.S.
  • Made to make you look good!
  • Helps you feel better when you have to leave your dog at home
  •  Design:
    • Created 100% From Eco-Friendly & Non-Toxic Materials
    • Food grade ABS cup 
    • High borosilicate glass (used by high end restaurants and wineries) cylinder with a 300 ml water capacity, with a heat resistance of up to 215 degrees celsius
    • Hand picked, genuine crystal
    • Choose either a Chevron Amethyst crystal or a Black Obsidian crystal
    • Authentic sustainable bamboo lid 
    Dimensions of bottle: 25.4 cm  x 6.35cm diameter
    Crystal Length: approx.  8.9cm (sizes vary as they are naturally formed)
    • Hand-wash bamboo lid, cup and crystal
    • The glass part is dishwasher-friendly

    Crystal Choice 1: Chevron Amethyst
    A combination of Amethyst and White Quartz. Is stunning, dark purple and white in colour.

    Positive benefits for your dog:
    • Serves as a general calming stone and soothes anxiety, stress and fear
    • Calms separation anxiety for a dog that cannot bare to be alone
    • Brings a sense of security for fearful and timid dogs
    • Soothes panic attacks
    • Makes your dog more affectionate and welcoming instead of being timid
    • Provides relief from noise sensitivities such as loud noises and fireworks
    • Decreases barking, howling and yapping out of fear
    • Encourages relaxation in hyperactive and anxious dogs
    • Leads to more peaceful and undisturbed sleep
    • Mends sadness and grief from losing a loved human or pet companion
    • Protects from negative energy and encourages positive vibes
    • Perks up a couch potato
    • Beneficial for older dogs and provides relief from day to day muscle aches, joint pain and arthritis pain 
    • Strengthens the immune system
    • Improves appetite
    • Improves orientation
    • Helps with training problems
    • Keeps emotions level, stops their minds from spinning out of control
    • Helps heal trauma and abuse
    Crystal Choice 2: Black Obsidian
    A black and lustrous crystal.
    Positive benefits for your dog:
    • Calms separation anxiety and makes your pup fee safe, secure and relaxed
    • Reduces feelings of loneliness 
    • Increases feelings of calm and peace so that your dog will be calm in the presence of others
    • Will make your dog overjoyed to see you instead of scampering away
    • Helps your pup adapt to a new environment
    • Shields against negative energy
    • Protects your pup from absorbing emotional negativity from humans
    • Brings protection so that no harm will come to your pup
    • Promotes positive vibes
    • Calms and repairs the body from stress and tension
    • Reduces pain in general including muscle strains and skeletal problems
    • Strengthens your dog's eyesight
    • Detoxifies the body
    • Helps protect against background radiation
    • Helps balance and regulate hormone levels
    • Heals emotions and trauma
    • Increases your pup's ability to focus and listen during training
    • Strengthens creativity so they can learn new tricks more quickly
    • Increases the ability to size up a situation before reacting
    • Promotes a feeling of happy freedom