Simple Solution Pee Post for Dogs


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  • helps guide them to a specific area
  • infused with a non-toxic chemical  that draws them to the post
  • can be used alone or with other house training methods

Colour: Yellow

Dimensions: 32cm x 8.9cm x 16cm


1. Choose the outdoor spot for your dog to do his business. The spot should be a quiet grassy area, away from your pet’s food and water.

2. Hammer the head of the Pee Post 10cm to 12.7cm into the ground. Keep your dog indoors while you do this so they do not associate the loud noise with the Pee Post.

3. Once finished, let your dog sniff  the Pee Post. Praise them when they go to it. Do not scold your pet if they do not. Simply bring them back to the same spot each time until they can do it on their own.