Scruffs Thermal Dog Coat - Cajun Grey


Scruffs is one of Europe’s leading brands of luxury pet coats. This coat gives superior protection from wind and rain. Scruffs Thermal Dog Coat is made of thermal materials which provide extra warmth even in the coldest weather. The micro-fleece turtle neck collar and chest pad provide a snug and comfortable fit whilst allowing natural movement. This jacket has a lightweight design and is also breathable. The piping and logo are reflective which provides extra visibility at night.


  • Waterproof exterior shell
  • Breathable coat
  • Reflective technology lining retains body heat
  • Hollow fibre core combines with lining to maximise thermal properties
  • Fleece chest pad and collar provide comfort ,snug fit and allows natural movement
  • Reflective piping and logo help visibility at night
  • Adjustable girth
  • Hind leg straps
  • Machine washable

Available in eight sizes

Please measure you dog carefully before ordering  

 How to measure your dog for size: 

Measure your dog from the base of the collar to the base of the tail for length. This will prevent the coat from only partially covering your dog’s body. 

Sizes (cm)   30, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70

Preorder: You can preorder out of stock items to save missing out on the next lot which are due in 4-6 weeks.