PaWz Orthopaedic Sofa Bed



  • Premium memory foam filling that contours to body shape
  • Ergonomic posture
  • Supportive bolster to rest the head
  • Supports joints and helps them to fall into a deep restorative sleep
  • Soft and smooth texture which provides relaxation
  • High quality plush material
  • Anti-slip bottom
  • Waterproof inner lining
  • Skin-friendly and resistance to flea, mite, dampness and bacteria
  • Zippered detachable cover


Brand: PaWz

Material: Plush

Filling: Memory foam


S: 63.5cm x 50.8cm x 23cm

M: 91.4cm x 71.1cm x 23cm

L:112cm x 86.4cm x 23cm

Colour: Grey