Pawise Medium Grooming Brush for Dogs



  • Penetrates deep into the coat to remove dead and loose hair
  • Breaks up matt's and tangles to remove loose fur
  • Designed to ease out a tangle more gently compared to a comb
  • Helps keep your dog's skin and coat healthy
  • Durable plastic bristle and soft cushioning
  • Soft cushion gives your dog a massage whilst being brushed
  • Comfortable and effective grooming
  • Premium quality eco- friendly materials including sustainable bamboo
  • Rake style design


Model: 11477

Colour: Brown and Black

Size: Medium

Material: Eco Bamboo and plastic

Weight: 130g

Dimensions (cm): 19 (L) x 13 (W)

Brush Head Dimensions (cm): 8 (L) x 14 (W)