LickiMat Splash



  • Slows down feeding , makes treats and food last longer, prevents over feeding
  • Reduces ingesting air which reduces farts and bloat
  • Reduces indigestion
  • Reduces the risk of DVD (gastric dilation and volvulus)
  • Licking enhances the sense of taste and allows your dog to enjoy a small amount of food
  • Relieves boredom 
  • Provides fun and enrichment
  • Provides stress and anxiety relief
  • Releases calming hormones into your dog's body
  • Great for calming pets during crate training, vet visits, grooming, storms and fireworks
  • Improves saliva production which helps clean tongue, teeth and gums and helps digestion
  • Improves breath by scraping off bacteria and undigested foods off your dog's tongue
  • Recommended by vets, dog trainers and animal behaviourists
  • Non-toxic
  • Food grade TPR
  • Freezer safe
  • Microwave safe

Available colours: green, orange, turquoise

Size:  19cm x 5cm