Pawise Nail Trimmer Clippers for Dogs


Pawise Dog Nail Trimmer is a useful professional nail trimmer, great for all sized dogs and even larger breeds. The nail clipper has a safety built in protective nail guard, to sheild your pets nail from "over trimming".
Made of sharp stainless steel sharp blade edges. It is powerful enough to trim your dogs or cats’ nails with just one cut, for a quicker snip without bending the nail. Ergonomic, user friendly design, with an anti-slip rubber handle, for as comfortable grooming experience.


  • Professional nail trimmer
  • High quality stainless steel -  Sharp edges
  • Ergonomic design - Anti slip grip for a comfortable grooming experience
  • Powerful enough trim nails with just one cut without bending the nail
  • Safe for pets - Built in nail safety top blade guard
  • Suitable for all sized dogs
  • Unlock protection prevents children from using it


  • Model:11468
  • Colour: Blue, Orange, Green
  • Blade Material: Hardened Stainless steel
  • Handle Material: TPE and PP Green material
  • Weight: 100g
  • Dimensions (cm): 14.5 (H) x 7.5 (W)

Trimming Tips:

Hold the paw securely while trimming the nails.

Quickly cut off the top of the nail with a single stroke.

Do not cut off too much each time.

If the pet's nails are very long, cut off a small amount and wait about a week to ten days before cutting again.

Repeat every week or ten days until nails are at desired length.