Buster IncrediBowl Wet and Dry Food Bowl for Long Eared Dogs - 2 Sizes


BUSTER IncrediBowl has a conical-shaped design so that long dog ears do not come in contact with food. It also slows down their eating as they need to collect the food from the inner corners of the bowl. The soft material is combined with durable floor stabilisers to keep the bowl from moving.


  • Daily feeding bowl for dogs with long ears who are feed a wet diet
  • Keeps dog's ears out of the food 
  • Prevent ears from having a lingering smell caused by contact with food
  • Conical shape forces your dog to eat at a slower pace
  • Stable , Anti slip bottom

Colours Available:

  • Blue
  • Grey
  • Green

Small - 1 Litre
Large - 2 Litre