Bells Dogworld Multi-Crystal Clip On Charm for Dog Collars


Exclusive to Bells Dogworld. Special Order. 

Why choose one crystal for your pup's charm when you can have six ? These six crystals combine together to create powerful positive energy to promote your pup's physical and emotional wellbeing.

Lapis Lazuli     Blue/Grey Colour

This crystal heals the immune system, depression, low energy, respiratory problems, poor dietary absorption, toxicity and post traumatic pain. It is especially good for a pup suffering from depression.

Amethyst      Purple Colour

This crystal soothes stress, fear, grief, panic attacks and separation anxiety. It also helps to  reduce barking, training problems and fleas. It eases the pain of arthritis. Amethyst heals the heart, skin, stomach and digestion. It is a multipurpose healer and is  especially good for an older dog and for stressful puppy training situations.

Rose Quartz  Light Pink Colour

Rose Quartz helps bonding and helps pups accept love. It heals injury and  reduces stress, fear, anger, nervousness and aggression. Rose Quartz helps pups accept love. It is especially good for making the introduction of a new pet a smooth process.

Carnelian    Orange Colour

Carnelian promotes healing of the kidney, spine, immune system, low energy, skin problems, poor appetite, endocrine and lymphatic systems. It helps with training problems and lack of focus.  Carnelian releases  emotions like anger, envy and fear to bring happiness, courage and emotional warmth. It is deeply relaxing and revitalising. Carnelian is especially good for a shy pup and for healing the trauma and abuse of rescue dogs.

Black Obsidian   Shiny Black Colour

This crystal provides protection from harm and welcomes positive vibes. It reduces fears, loneliness, anxiety and separation anxiety. It promotes a  sense of safety and security relaxation.  Black Obsidian repairs the body, reduces pain, strengthens eyesight, regulates hormone levels and detoxifies the body. It heals trauma and emotions. It is especially good for helping your pup adapt to a new environment.

Turquoise    Aqua Colour

Soothes anxious and highly strung dogs and calms barking.  Boosts immunity, protects against viral infections and increases natural healing, Encourages peace of mind and is an overall balancing stone that helps heal whole body.


  • Handmade
  • 1 crystal each of Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Carnelian, Black Obsidian, Turquoise 
  • Extra love heart shaped stainless steel charm with inscription  " Love My Dog" and pawprint on the other side
  •  40 mm in length and 4mm wide
  • Attaches to your pup's collar with a secure stainless steel clip
  • Makes your dog look in vogue!